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International Trade Union Confederation - Le ITUC représente 176 millions de travailleurs dans 156 pays différents, il est affilié à 312 nations.


10 décembre
Camille Morel

Solidarité avec les défenseurs des droits humains aux Philippines - #StopTheAttacks
10 décembre
Theo Morrissey

Standing with human rights defenders in the Philippines – #StopTheAttacks

This Human Rights Day, the international trade union movement is calling attention to the alarming attacks on human and labour rights defenders in the Philippines. The government's targeting of trade unionists has been ramped up recently with fresh waves of arrests and violence. The (...)
10 décembre
Philippe Gousenbourger

The labour standards of the multilateral development banks : A trade union guide

Documents / Trade Union Briefings , Global economy , Multilateralism, Trade & labour standards
9 décembre
Alain Rodriguez

TUDCN Asia-Pacific meeting, Bangkok 22-23 January 2020 - Meeting documents

The TUDCN AP will exchange on the work done regarding SDG implementation at national level and other SDG related activities in 2019. The network will also plan ahead what its next steps will be as from 2020. Draft Agenda Report of the meeting All presentations Background documents Wednesday (...)
9 décembre
Philippe Gousenbourger

Lettre de soutien aux travailleurs haïtiens face à la crise sociale, économique et politique

Protest Letters / Letters , Haiti, Human and trade union rights , Countries At Risk

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